Why didn’t anyone tell me that Freddo Face Cakes were being released into the world? I went to a petrol station to fill up and buy some snacks to ram into my face today when a familiar face caught my eye on the shelf… Mr. Freddo himself. IN BLOODY CAKE FORM! WHATTT! Anyway, I obviously purchased a pack. There are 6 inside. Each has a different facial expression, you know, like sad and happy and shit. Duh. They’re really soft and fluffy UFO shaped cakes with a delicious chocolatey filling. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I ate all 6 of them. In one sitting. With 126 calories in each. 756 calories total. Okay, I lied, I’m completely ashamed. That’s horrendous behaviour, isn’t it? But it was totally worth it. And it’s Friday. Anyway, I just thought any secluded and unaware dorks like me should know about Freddo Face Cakes. Find them in all major supermarkets, small shops and petrol stations for just £1. Go get some. Eat all of them at once. Then tell me about your shame in the comments below.

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