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When should I move my child out of the infant carrier?

We always recommend using the infant carrier for as long as possible before moving to the next stage car seat. Please check your child does not exceed the weight recommendation for your current infant seat and their head is contained within the seat. If in any doubt contact us for advice.

Infant car seat

Will I find a seat to fit in my car?

Yes! We have not yet seen a car which is unsuitable for a rear facing seat. We have found solutions for even the smallest vehicles.  We have an extensive database containing fitting guides for seats installed in most cars and can advise on the best solution for you and your family. 

Where will my child be able to put their legs?

This is a commonly asked question, but once installed, rear facing car seats offer plenty of room for your child’s legs. Rear facing children are very comfortable and sit cross legged or frog legged position. This may look uncomfortable to an adult but children are much more flexible and they find this a relaxed sitting position. Some seats will provide more leg space than others so if you do have a tall child we can talk about the options. It should be noted that to date, there are no accounts of children breaking legs in a rear facing seat but there are sadly many examples of children with head and spinal injuries from a forward facing seat.

Rear Facing – where do their legs go?

How do I communicate with my child if they are rear facing?

A child who is forward facing can be a distraction because of the temptation for

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