On Top of Mount Fuji

Missed out on the first part of our hike up Fuji-San, then read here.

The clouds had cleared and we could see lake Yamanaka in the distance. Even the sun showed its happy face but barely warmed us at this high altitude. The wind up at this height was quite strong and made it feel colder, we were glad to have brought our gloves and scarves, Jerome even put his hat on. At the summit a visit to the Kusushi Shrine was a must and Jerome received the final stamp on his walking stick. We got as close to the crater as we could but were not able to see much apart from some muggy snow and the different layers and colours of rocks. We had originally planned to hike around the rim of the crater and to pay a visit to Japan’s highest post office on one of the crags but we decided not to attempt the additional hike in the cold.

The Descent Along the Yoshida Trail

The descent of the Yoshida trail is different to the ascent, they try to keep the main trail clear for those ascending with so many people on the narrow path. The trail down follows the track used for the caterpillar vehicles that deliver all the essentials to the huts. It winds itself down the slope in zig zags with wide bends, and the gravel underneath is very slippery like scree. The walking sticks had already proven to be useful on the rocks coming up the mountain but they proved to be even more useful going down. The fine gravel made us slide and sink in every few steps.

We took the turn off to our hut Ganso Muro and were glad to take off our shoes and get a warm meal put in front of us. Dinner was a basic dish of curry with rice and a drink. We watched the sky turn pink outside the hut. Soon after we were shown our sleeping spots, the sleeping arrangement in the huts are

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