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Learn to draw with Homesthetics

It is the weekend and like usual the weather is absolutely shocking. The weather is always pants from Friday to Sunday evening. With the weather being so unreliable I often find myself looking for ideas to entertain both Shaniah and Ashley.

Shaniah is easily occupied with a box of Duplo but Ashley being close to his teenage years Duplo just doesn’t have the same affect.

This was when we came across a website which has step by step instructions to draw beautiful photos. Each illustration has been drawn by Razvan Socol.

Ashley sat down and picked a photo to draw, at first he was certain that they would be too difficult to follow and was a little sceptical to start. However, he gave it a go and once he got the first step done with a massive smile on his face he informed us that it really wasn’t as hard as he first thought.

Drawing a deer

The best bit about these drawing tutorials is the fact that they are completely free to use by everyone in any way you see fit, not much in life is free these days and for something so educational it really is something special.

It was so nice to see Ashley enjoying the simple things, instead of playing games on his Xbox or iPad he was happy with a pencil and paper. Once he had completed the Deer he then went on to try out a few of the other tutorials within the site and he aced them all and better still, he enjoyed creating them all.

drawing a deer

Ashley happily spent the afternoon trying out these easy to

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