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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019! A Year Of Lessons...To New Beginnings

Looking back on the year I am almost sad that its come to an end but oh so glad to see the back of it. It has been a difficult year on many fronts and on the other hand, I have learned so much about myself. The difficulties I have had this year have in a way made me so sure about what I want to do with my life, this blog and about how I approach my goals.

Goodbye 2018 And Your…

Anxiety Attacks –  This is something that I don’t really talk about on the blog but I suffer from terrible anxiety and 2018 saw my suffer my worst attacks. Which were almost paralysing. For anyone that knows about anxiety, you will know just how sickening the never-ending worrying and just how tiresome and sleep depriving that is. I am not saying its totally gone but I am learning to put myself and my health first to better handle situations and periods of great anxiety. I have also taken up yoga this year which is helping. 

Immigration Woes – This has by far been the one the most anxiety-inducing of troubles for 2018 and bloody costly too. For those that have heard of the “hostile environment” or troubles from the difficulties of Windrush cases you will begin to understand just what I have been dealing with with the UK immigration in order to change my indefinite visa to British Naturalisation but that is a story for another day.

None Existent Work-Life Balance –  While my job requires me to travel, this year has been a year that has since me all over the map. From Liverpool to Leamington Spa, and from there to Guildford to Crawley and back to London. This was one of those things that I enjoyed about it but this year it made it seem like torcher. Possibly because both my husband and I have been in leaving in suitcases for pretty much the whole year a lot more than previous years. I am looking forward to “reclaiming my time” in 2019. Watch this space…

Hello 2019 And Your

Freedom To Fail – I am guilty of overthinking things and while I am spent time feeling guilty about this most of my life I have come to the realisation that this is part of my creative process. I am learning to own it and use it to my advantage to realise projects and not just let them stay in though. By I am certainly been inspired to match my ideas with small actions. I came across the “How to stop screwing yourself over” Ted Talk By Mel Robbins, below which has in someway fired up my motivation and not to fear failure but inspite of that possibility to just go for it.

[embedded content]

A New Me – With everything that has happened this year I am super excited for 2019. It almost feels like a rebirth of myself. I am looking forward to taking back control of so many aspects of my life that have felt as if were in the hands of others. I am looking forward to taking the blog in a new direction. I am looking forward to taking my career in a new direction. I look forward to throwing myself into new projects. I don’t know if that even makes sense but I have felt that I could really be vocal about certain things on my blog and with 2019 I am looking forward to letting go of some of that self-judgment and fear of judgment from others. I will put myself out there and those that like it, I hope will follow me on there journey and those that don’t like it, well, they have a choice of finding a new blog to follow!

Solo Travels – I look forward to a couple of planned solo trips in 2019. I am also looking forward to setting foot in South America. More to be revealed soon.

Photography Shoots – Because of lack of time this year and leaving in a suitcase this is a goal that was not achieved in 2018 but I am looking forward to taking my photography to another level.

Video Editing – Starting off the year with video editing. This is something that I have been looking forward to getting into for a long time. It is finally coming together so make sure you are following my YouTube to catch those when they drop.

Newsletters – I am looking forward to releasing newsletters where I will also be sharing travel tips as well as month travel discount posts. Discounts on flights, hotels and other travel related outlets.

Gifts From 2018

Commitment To The Blog –  This was the year that Instagram and other social media accounts took a back seat as I focused on the blog and growing my readership and improving my posts and my writing. Creating more comprehensive and detailed posts. I have shared detailed guides on where to stay in London, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Venice, Santorini and Bangkok. Look out for my ultimate guides on best areas to stay in Budapest, Phuket, Rome and more!

New Confidence – As I said, even though this year as been difficult, I have found a new sense of confidence in my sense of self and fulfilling my needs. Putting myself first, for change. Leaving fear of failure behinds. If anything, the latter is probably the reason why I feel a sense of freedom to go after my goals no matter what.

A sense of Mortality – Losing a couple of people I know through other friends to cancer as well as maybe just the time of the year, I guess I have never been so aware of the fact that life is short. It scary but also motivate to live life not only to the fullest but without greats. Live a fulfilled life. Life an honest life. I mean being honest with one’s needs and desires.

My Theme For 2019

Live Your Truth  – So what is your theme for 2019?

So, what are you glad to leave behind in 2018 and what are you looking forward to most in 2019?

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