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We are at the start of a brand new year, welcoming in 2019 full of hope and dreams of what the new year ahead will bring.  I am reflecting and saying goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019.

2018 was definitely a rollercoaster year for me both personally and with my blog, I think I can honestly say I am glad to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome a fresh start with 2019.


New Years Eve was the 4th anniversary since C became ill, this year has been very hard on both her and us.  I have struggled this year with her illness, not looking after her, but the anger and bitterness has been with me pretty much. It is hard to see your child so ill and suffering, having the same conversations with medical professions and not getting heard.  In August we went for a routine opticians appointment, which changed things with the medical care C was getting.  We were told to go to Eye Casualty urgently, this in turn found out she had a condition we knew nothing about called papilledema, which is fluid build up around the brain and pressing on her optic nerve.  I can not thank our optician enough, as this could have had serious results to C.  Through this we were sent for assessment and met our new Consultant.  She has listened and has been amazing.  C has had to endure 2 lumbar punctures (3 if you count the one they had to abandon after 4 attempts), she has sent C for numerous tests and also put us under a Neurologist who we saw in December, who again listened and promised us he will help find the key to finally getting rid of her constant 24/7 migraine pain.  He has prescribed new medication, which I am still trying to get the prescription sorted for, I am now on first name terms with the Dr’s receptionists as i am phoning daily to see if they have received the letter from him regarding the prescription.  We had a very miserable Christmas due to C being so unwell and in so much pain.  But I feel with the medical team we are now under, things will start to improve (fingers crossed) in 2019.

We lost my Father in law very quickly in July within 2 weeks of him being diagnosed with Cancer he lost his battle.  C wanted to see him and I tried to prepare her for him being ill.  I never expected the few hours we had, with him dancing and messing about with C and her giggling like I had not heard in ages, they had a bond and they both pulled out everything to give each other that last memory.  Two weeks later, I had a call from my friend her Mum had lost her battle with Cancer.  On New Years Eve another close friend text to say her Daughter had gone into labour early and her baby Daughter was born sleeping, words are just not enough when you hear news like this.

2018 saw us watching our new baby granddaughter grow and show her cheeky little personality, C adores being an Auntie and has a great bond with her Niece.  Whenever we arrange to meet up with them she will always make the effort no matter how ill she is, and the smile on their faces when they see each other brings tears to my eyes.  I love being a Nanny, and am looking forward to when we have her to stay this year.  I can honestly say becoming a Grandparent is one of the most amazing feelings ever.


July marked the 3rd anniversary of StressedMum, I started my blog with very different views of how I though my blog would be, primarily dealing with a tween and moving onto the teen years.  Obviously this has taken a different turn but one I am very proud of.

I mention this when reflecting, but the Blogging community is amazing, yes there are the few who are not quite so nice, but the majority are all very supportive, and we all look out for each other, and have become friends.

My blog has grown from strength to strength and I could not do this without you all, so thank you for your support.


Looking forward to this year obviously it is for C to get better, and to be able to leave her bed.  I am feeling hopeful and will obviously be keeping you all up to date in my monthly updates.  If she does improve we will also be looking forward to a family holiday for the first time in 4 years.  I am also looking forward to spending time with my Granddaughter and watching her grow into a toddler, and that great moment when you can hand them back to Mum haha.


I am looking forward to seeing my blog grow and have a lot of ideas which I am thinking through for regular features including Meet the Blogger where I introduce a new Blogger to you, plus a few other ideas.  If there is anything you would like me to feature please let me know.

Happy New Year x

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