My previous blog post was all about my Grandad, Daniel Thompson.

The next person in the Thompson bloodline is my Great Grandad Thomas Thompson.


THOMAS THOMPSON (1894 – 1939)

Sarah (far left), William (top left), Thomas (top right), Daniel (far right), Elvlyn (2nd from left), May (middle), Ella (2nd from right) and Jack (bottom middle)

Thomas Thompson was born on 28 August 1894 in Ellenborough, Cumberland, to Sarah Jane Reed, age 23, and Daniel Thompson, age 22.

He had 2 brothers, William (known as Bill) and John (known as Jack). He had 3 sisters, Evlyn, May and Ella. Ancestry suggests their may of been a few other brothers and sisters but they died as babies, which was common at the time.



  • 1901 Census – shows him living in Haydock, Lancashire at home with his parents and siblings. Aged 6 years old.
  • 1911 Census – shows him living in Rawtenstall, Lancashire at home with his parents and siblings. Aged 16 years old, he is working in a slipper mill as a press hand.

Annoyingly I will have to wait until 2021 before I can see where he lived in 1921. This is the year he married Mary so I suspect he is either still living at home with his parents or has just moved in with Mary after the wedding. Come back to this blog post in 4 years time to find out!



Thomas Thompson married Mary Hannah Fairhurst in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, on 1st August 1921 when he was 26 years old.



Thomas (far left), Bernice (middle bottom) and Daniel (far right).

Thomas and Mary had 3 children.

  • His son Bernard. We think died as a baby and Bernice was later named after him.
  • His son Daniel was born on 20th July 1922 in Haslingden, Lancashire.
  • His daughter Bernice was born 15th July 1927 in Haslingden, Lancashire



His death certificate says he died on 10th November 1939 in the Pulmonary Hospital in Withnell, Lancashire.

According to a press cutting he died following a lengthy illness aged 45 years old. According to the cutting he had been greatly respected throughout the district and over 20 employees of the Transport Department walked before the hearse, along with a number of Methodist preachers and church representives.



If you have any questions you would like to ask me about my Great Grandad Thomas Thompson, please ask below in the comments.



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