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I’m sure most of you have read about Grumpy Cat or seen pictures of him. I think he’s super funny even if it’s unintentional. I doubt he’ll be happy to hear I love him or that he now features in cat toys – at best he probably can’t care less.

Yes, you read it: Grumpy Cat toys!! I have to admit I think I might like these even more than Dirk does. The toys have the characteristic grumpy face which just makes me laugh out loud.

How do Dirk and the grumpy faces get along? Well, let’s find out!

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Whoa, seriously what’s that look on his face?!?!
(It’s his natural facial expression Dirk, Grumpy can’t help it)

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All right then, but I sure want to give it some good kicks 🙂

The Catnip Sock has some bells attached to it and the sock itself makes a funny rustling, crinkly sound. Most cats absolutely love this. Dirk will come running as soon as he hears it. You can hide the toy and squeeze it a few times to arouse his hunting instincts. Wait for you cat to get into ‘hunting mode’ and just watch him pounce and kick it around 🙂 And of course it contains the much-loved catnip… I’m afraid Dirk is an addict and I’m his enabler…

The other Grumpy Cat toy we play with a lot is technically a door hanger. I say technically because Dirk much prefers playing with it on the floor or anywhere else rather than the door. It makes sense too, because it is quite big and really suited for interactive games or stretching&kicking it around – which Dirk loves 🙂

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No mom, I don’t want to play with you. It’s all mine!

The door hanger looks like a cat and thus has also got four legs. Initially Dirk wasn’t so sure about all those dangling legs, but he soon discovered you can stretch and kick all at the same time. Another fun feature: when he gives the head some proper kicks it

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