The British summer is well and truly underway, we’ve had the extremes of temperatures and now the cold is back. I have mentioned before, we Brits are never complacent when it comes to the weather it’s unpredictable. The best course of action is to be prepared for all eventualities but we all know that’s not always possible. Earlier in the year I shared the benefits of oily skin, I love my oily skin but it’s an enemy in the summer. Excreting oils helps prevent wrinkles but no one wants to look like a greasy monkey.

The majority of us have some sort of skincare routine which we follow throughout the year. Some of us switch routines as the weather changes and others don’t which can be good or bad for you. As someone who has two skincare routines which I practice religiously I know the value in trying newer products. I have elicited the help of a fellow blogger {Jenny} to share some of her skin care secrets with us.

Take it away Jenny

We’re now steadily getting into the peak of summer and I thought I (Jenny, from Krystel would share my best tips and advice to achieve the perfect summer skin care regime to achieve dewy, healthy skin. Skin care regimes are a fundamental upkeep requirement; to keep your skin in the best form and glowing from the inside out.

How to achieve the perfect summer skin care regime

To achieving that natural dewy glow would be to introduce Vitamin C or Ginseng packed products into your skincare regime. These ingredients work in perfect harmony with all skin types, even oily like mine!. These products help boost vitality and brightness back into the skin and remove any dullness or tiredness. Lack of sleep, stress and even environmental changes can cause your skin to become dull or tired looking.  The best advice I can give for protecting your skin during the summer months would be to buy products with high to moderate SPF. This is to prevent damage and keep the skin hydrated even with make-up on.

Vitamin C and SPF

My favourite

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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