Summer is officially here and in my neck of the woods it’s been absolutely amazing, well except for today. British weather is one that leaves nothing to be desired and everything to be disliked. But fear not the temperatures will continue to sow and we will all be in for some lovely weather. To compliment that awesome weather, I have a special treat for you. This treat is in form of a guest post by a fellow blogger whose also Oxford based, crazy I know.  Jessica has been blogging for four years and has two blogs a Beauty and a Travel blog. Today Jessica will share with us her favourite summer sandals from her favourite brand Hotter.
When it comes to summer sandals I’m first to hold up my hand and say I’ve made some awful and regrettable mistakes. From sandals that rub my feet to ones that look like they should defiantly stay on the beach in Malaga. However it’s safe to say I’ve made the right choice when it comes to the summer of 2017. Picking out the lovely Tourist Sandals from Hotter. Summer Sandals ~ Hotter Hotter is a British brand that sell footwear made for comfort and focus upon giving the customer what they need. They do a great range of footwear to suit formal and casual wear that looks great on but also feels great. Which is important when it comes to buying shoes especially summer sandals for this time of year. I find the Tourist sandals which come in 5 colours look great on and have a nice effortless look that suits most outfits, naturally I went for the black sandals as I knew I would wear them more and they would suit more of my outfits but if you are daring enough the red ones would make an outfit really stand out! The shoes are comfortable and have really soft suede insoles which are cushioned with support to help the feet. I found the support cushions to be a little hard at first. But after a week of

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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