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Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Dorothy Berry-Lound who runs an art website and you can also find her on Twitter:

There was a huge thunderstorm and I went outside to check what damage had been done. I saw what I thought was a mouse drowning in a puddle so I ran to rescue it. I realised it was a dying kitten and it had swollen, ulcerated eyes. I looked up and the outside cats were in beds in the dry under the outside stairs watching the kitten drown. It was one of their kittens and I guess they knew it was sick and left it. I brought it in, thinking it could die in the warm and at peace. But after an hour it was clear the kitten was rallying. I decided to keep the kitten and called it Stevie Mouse, We went through all sorts of trials and problems as she was very sick and collapsed on several occasions. She couldn’t control her body temperature so I sat with her under a heat lamp in the middle of August – Italian summer, can you imagine? I was a puddle. But she survived and she can see well enough though has to live as an inside cat. Stevie Mouse is now two years old and beautiful and the subject of many of my artistic endeavours. She even looks after her ‘sister’ Emmy who has epilepsy and cleans her up when she has had a seizure.

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