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My name is Cecilia Preston, I live in Sydney NSW, Australia. I have 7 rescue babies Tiger, Rufus, Bella, Max, Jessie, Heath and Buddy.

4 cats and 3 dogs that I call my furbabies.

Each one of them was unwanted, thrown away, left to fend for themselves or abused.

Some say I’m crazy. I say they didn’t deserve the life they were dealt, and if I could I’d do it all again for each of them.

It doesn’t matter if you have a cat, dog or any kind of furbaby.  Remember they choose you not the other way around.  Stand up for them, protect them and never take them for granted. These are there stories below.



Tiger – Australian Bombay aged 8, was found by the local police when he was about four weeks old, tied up in a plastic bag in a dumper bin. He had a really torturous start.

Since Tiger moved in to our home, he has become “quite the little man”. He goes up to visitors at the door and says ‘hello’. You’ll rarely hear him meow, all he says is ‘hellooooo’.

He also loves rocking in his hammock, playing with his soccer ball and walking on his lead. He’s never in a cat cage, even when we go to the vet.

Tiger is known for his calm and placid personality, but he can also be a little cheeky.

He does a lot of high-fives, he’s got so much personality.

Each day he does like to take his biscuit packets and throw them at your head whilst you’re sleeping and then you guessed it you wake up.

He hops into the trolley at his local pet shops, and loves to do his own shopping. He’s one-in-a-million when it comes to cats.

Tiger’s also a bit of a daredevil in fact he once decided he could fly, and yes at that time he was chasing a fly, but

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