Regular readers of A July Dreamer know my sister-in-law Hannah and my sister Lucy are regular contributors. When this opportunity arose to share ONE holiday gem, I knew I would struggle to pick just one. As kids growing up in Zambia we didn’t go on many holidays and when we did we rarely took pictures. I don’t personally own any holiday pictures of myself or of my siblings. All the memories that we made with our extended families and friends are engraved into our minds only. Hence for this opportunity I chose to ask one person I know would have more than one holiday gem to share.

What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had?

When someone asks you what your best holiday was what would you say? Have you been on just one major holiday or have you been on several and traveled the world? As a child I went on my fair share of family holidays making it difficult to choose just one. I must admit I was taken aback at first, I mean how can you pick just one? It is hard enough choosing which holiday was my favourite but to have to choose only one photo seemed mad. However after giving it some thought it seemed like this was the obvious choice and I will tell you why.

Now I have to apologize about the quality of this little Holiday Gem of mine. But as you can probably tell it is a golden oldie and you are lucky it is in colour!

So why this picture in particular? We all look a mess with hat hair, wearing matching all in one suits (MOTHER!). Though I am not even looking at the camera (I am the cutie on the right) this picture lights something up inside me. I feel like a little girl again all excited for Christmas and snow even if it is mid September and scorching hot outside.

This picture was taken in Lapland Finland, I went there with my parents and 2 sisters.  We stayed in a private log cabin with a sauna

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