Immigration Process at Hanoi Airport

It was dark and rainy when we left Hanoi airport after a long journey from Germany. Immigration was surprisingly quick, I had paid for an agent to meet us upon arrival as I was hoping to get through the visa application faster than normal. Looking back on it now, I am not sure it saved us time as many people were able to get their visas pretty quickly from the service desk before passport control. However, it helped us immensely after being in the air on and off for the previous 24 hours and removed possible worries about forms and process so perhaps it was worth the small fee.

Pre-Booked Taxi

Outside at arrivals we kept an eye out for a sign with our names, the hotel had arranged for a car to pick us up, and not having been to Vietnam before I felt his was the safest option after reading some horror stories online about scams with taxis in the country. I think after a long journey the small extra cost of the limo was worth it and to avoid the taxi queues too.

Getting Cash at the Airport

While we looked for the driver, Chris went to get some Vietnamese Dong, the local currency, at one of the cash points in the arrivals hall. We had no issue using international cards to get cash throughout the country, although there was a small fee in many cases.

Vietnamese SIM Cards

While waiting, he also purchased a Vietnamese SIM card for our wifi dongle from the post office. The dongle is one of the best investments for travel we have ever made and highly recommended. It gives you wifi on the go for up to 5 devices, provided it has a local sim card in it and of course network reception. Later on, we found out that despite the fact that we had purchased the SIM in the post office, it did not have as much GB allowance as suggested and it also cut off after 1 week of usage. It was supposed

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