Read about our previous stroll through the French Quarter of Hanoi here.

Crossing the Hazardous Roads in Hanoi

Next up was a grand challenge of crossing a big junction, which by then had filled with vast numbers of motorbikes and mopeds. We had read somewhere that to cross the road you just had to start walking and not turn back or stop. While Jerome and I were more adventurous and tried the trick (it works), Chris held back and waited for a completely clear road. Glad to have finally made our way across three roads we bought a cool drink from one of the little corner shops. Skirting the Old Town of Hanoi along the road that would eventually lead us to the Ho Chi Minh Complex, we crossed the train tracks. The railways in the city runs straight past people’s front doors and I remembered that the sight of the train going along the tracks was recommended as an experience one should not miss when in Hanoi. I told Chris that we had to be back there for 15.20 latest to watch the daily train run by.



street food

train tracks

Visiting the Military History Museum

The brick flag tower, located on the grounds of the Military History Museum (aka the Army

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