July 8 2013, I woke up with the urge to start the blog after chatting with my sister a couple of nights before. I had just moved from Cambridge to Newbury after getting my first graduate job 3 days after university. Life all of a sudden become serious, strange and I was alone in an unfamiliar place. I left behind all my friends and family and knew no one in the new town. Quickly I become friends with my new housemate and new colleagues at work but still needed an outlet. The morning of July 8th after my birthday weekend I wrote my first ever post, a rant about today’s kids.

The intention was never to build this blog into a business but 4 years on I can say it’s slightly that. I went from ranting about life, sharing my passions to continuing to share my passions and make money from it. Was it a weird transition, someone paying me to do what I am already doing? Yes it was weird but extra income is always welcome everywhere. Whilst the fourth year blogavesary was over 2 weeks ago, I still wanted to share what the last four years have been.

First Product review { Taj ~ Aloe Vera Water – cost of item £1.25 each} 

After blogging for about 7 months Taj reached out to me and asked if I could review their aloe Vera water. Though I wasn’t familiar with the brand I knew all about the Aloe Vera water from a friend. I was super excited (till this day) my first company collaboration. The items might have been cheap but definitely amazing and an opening for many others. I spent almost all of 2014 reviewing different products from sonic face brushes to tripod stands. It was so overwhelming that I decided that year to always dedicate a post to sponsors. The first two in the series where in November and December of 2014.

Recent Product Review {Fuüm Mattress – cost of item £550}

Fast forward four wonderful and at times trying years and I am reviewing

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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