Hi everyone,

We’ve realised that our Saturday guest star features are running a little thin at the moment and we would love to fill up the schedule for these again.

Have you got a fun story to share? A day in the life of your companion maybe?

No story is too small and none is too big! If you’ve got one you’d like to share with us and our readers do get in touch via [email protected]

If you are looking for inspiration on what you could write about why not check out our previous Saturday Guest Star of the week posts.

You could even write a ghost story for Oliver to read it out to our readers. 😉

As for guidelines for the content:

There is no word limit. Do what works best for your story. Some stories need more and some need less text. If your story is very very long it might be good to post it as a 2 part story though Include as many images as possible! The minimum amount of photos should be 2 though. 🙂

Any questions just let us know in the comments or drop us an email.

Nubia is awaiting your entries to convert them into posts on her cat-laptop. 😀

P.S: There is currently an issue with WordPress not showing our posts in your reader app. We’d recommend to follow one of our email newsletters for the time being. 🙁



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