Heda Beach

After we had checked into our lovely guesthouse we drove the short distance to Heda port where our host had suggested it was good to swim. At the entrance to the town we could see the beach on a narrow piece of land that protruded itself into the bay stretching away from the port like an outstretched arm with a lighthouse at the fingertips.

heda japan with kids izu peninsular lighthouse

heda japan with kids izu peninsular park

heda japan with kids izu peninsular tsunami sign

Dinosaur Waterslides

The car parks along the sea front were empty, except for a lonely camper van. So was the beach, apart from a few locals who were at the other end by the port, near some residential houses. Jerome was over joyed when he noticed the plastic floating dinosaurs in the water. Some were diving boards while others served as waterslides. Jerome was eager to get into the water and instantly swam over to the closest dinosaur. Chris followed him shortly after while I sorted our towels and bags. I sat down to watch them slide and dive in again and again and again….

I liked the fact that they had the dinosaurs as a water playground, I have always thought that some family beaches in Europe could do something similar to keep kids happy in the water. One of the dinosaurs had posts that looked like horsetails for children to hold onto when standing at the top of the slide, the other had a rope,

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