Hello to Happiness

Hello happiness!

I’ve always known what contributes to my real happiness, my best friend, boyfriend, and family, well they’re all my family when it comes down to it. But there are other things that are important too – health and wellbeing especially. Our mental state of mind triggers how we see things, and how happy we really feel.

At the end of March, I wondered where the next chapter in my life would take me. On this journey to a new kind of happiness, I kept one thing in mind:

Stay positive and work hard – just like the candle has written on it that was bought for me as gift.

Money was decreasing and days were seeming longer. I felt useless. I felt ashamed. And most of all, I felt worthless. I didn’t know if I was lost, how long I was going to be there, or if my working life was always going to be a temporary measure.

Many people had said to me, you’ll recharge your batteries when you go on holiday and you’ll feel a lot more positive. The thing was, when a company was saying no, I knew it must not have been the right role for me, but at the same time I wondered if I had the persistence to keep going.

My boyfriend had recently told me:

I don’t know anyone who has more persistence than you.

At the time, it should have made me feel good. But instead, I felt a sense of worry running through me. For the past few months I must have worried more than I ever have. And during holiday I relaxed and told myself, that it’s so much wasted energy when there are going to be more important things in life to be worried about.

I told myself that maybe I shouldn’t feel ashamed. Maybe I’m in this

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