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Every girl loves jewellery, right?

Collaborative post with jouellerie. I used to wear an awful lot of it when I was younger, including long necklaces and lots of rings and bracelets at once. The older I’ve got the more simple my jewellery collection has become.

I always always always wear my commitment ring from my partner on my right hand, which is never taken off. Most days I will be found wearing a watch on my right wrist (if I’ve remembered to put it on!) When I have the time in the mornings or if I am going out somewhere nice I will wear one of my nice simple black, gold or silver rings on my left hand. When it comes to necklaces I love chokers, especially when I’m going for my gothic look.

I have a nice feminine jewellery collection and a gothic/black bundle of jewellery. I always dress how my mood takes me.



I’m really digging the plain white tee and jeans look at the moment as it’s so simple it can’t ever look wrong. It’s also so easy to dress if you fancy. You can have a really plain outfit and instantly turn it into a simple but eye-catching look with am item or two of jewellery. A nice necklace, or a pair of stunning earrings. Whether it’s something bright and colourful, or simple but gorgeous. Jewellery really can make or break an outfit!

I was really excited to collab with Jouellerie, as they have such a nice range of items on their website, and they are all really reasonably priced, so I would consider purchasing in the future.

Here are the items that Jouellerie very kindly sent me to review.



The bracelets are definitely my favourite, as I always have a bracelet on, and these two are stunning.

I love the clasps on the necklaces as they are magnetic, so there’s no fussing around with the annoying clasps. I can never put necklaces on without the help of an extra pair of hands. They’re far too fiddly for me. So these magnetic clasps were perfect! I really like the rose gold and silver pendant, probably more so than the silver necklace, but I love how I have the option to choose a colour depending on what outfit I’m wearing.

I only have one or two anklets so I was really pleased to be sent this anklet to review. I’ve been wanting to buy a new one for ages but had never gotten around to it. This anklet has rose cut outs, gems and has a double chain. It’s super cute.

Check out the video!

What’s your favourite item from this package?

I received the items in this post in collaboration with Joullerie. As always all opinions are my own.



Read the original post here authored by Lauren Green. You can visit this blog here.

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