If your primary wardrobe staples are yoga pants and tee shirts, you might feel ready to revamp your style and fill your closet with timeless fashion choices. However, it can be a big challenge to find fashionable clothing to fit your budget. To avoid breaking the bank but still look fabulous, consider these tips for dressing well on a limited budget.

Wait for Sales 

When you shop for in-season clothes, you’ll pay a price for it. Instead of updating your wardrobe all at one time, take your time and shop around for good deals. It’s never truly worth it to buy clothes when they’re at their peak price tag, and you can find the same clothes for a steal just by waiting longer to fill your shopping cart. For example, buy summer clothes in the fall and winter wear in the summer to avoid paying full price for quality pieces of clothing.

Find a Tailor 

If you’ve found a steal of a deal on fashionable clothing that are just a few sizes too big, don’t let that deter you from purchasing the clothes of your dreams. When you find a good tailor, you’ll be able to buy gorgeous clothes for a reasonable price and still look fabulous. While a tailor’s services can be a bit expensive, it’s often well worth the price of saving money on the latest trends.

Mix and Match Pieces 

When you’re working on a strict budget, it can be hard to find enough quality pieces of clothing to wear every day. However, you can easily find pieces that mix and match well for maximum fashion on a minimal budget. A few staples like dark wash jeans, a colorful blouse, and a pencil skirt are ideal to have in your closet. These must-have clothing essentials pair well with many options, so you’ll never run out of choices even though your closet isn’t full to the brim.

Know Where to Shop 

If you have high fashion tastes but you’re trying to conserve cash, never be afraid to try out new options. You never know which new stores

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