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Have you ever taken a look in your wardrobe and though you know, I could do with shaking it up a bit. However, you really don’t want to completely rebuy?

Or looked in the mirror and wondered just how you could look a little bit different for just one night?

Well never fear as I have a few ideas to help you change up your look without breaking the bank!

Lady plucking her eyebrows

Sort out those Brows

Looking back I remember in my teens having my brows done for the first time. I wasn’t sure I wanted it done, but one of the nurses was trying to give us all a bit of a pamper so I said go on then.

Honestly, I was amazed at the difference it made to how my face looked.

These days I have them waxed and tinted. However, of course, there are all manner of ways you can change your brows; from home plucking to microblading and more!

Change your Hair with ClipIns

Fancy doing something different with your hair, but you aren’t 100% sure you want to make it permanent? Then looking at things like wigs and clip in hair extensions could be the answer.

Places like ClipHair, offer a whole host of different hairstyles, shades and attachment types, allowing you to play with your hair, without having to worry about the long-term health effects it may have your luscious locks.

What’s more, all their extensions are made of 100% human hair, meaning you can treat them just as your own. Dying it, curling it and straightening it to your heart’s content.

Selection of Accessories on a White Background

Accessorise Your Way

Accessories can change the whole look and feel of an outfit, plus it doesn’t have to cost you a whole lot.

Adding jewellery, or a new bag can really make a difference.

Plus if you look out for things like faux leather, rose gold or brass you can make them look a bit more expensive than they really were.

Swap Your Clothes

If your wardrobe really could do with a shakeup, but you aren’t up for spending.

Why not arrange a clothes swap? Meet up with the girls, all bring an outfit or two and swap between you all.

You could even make it into an event, rent out a hall, charge people to “swap” and donate the proceedings to a favourite charity!

Selection of Lipsticks

Change Your Lippy

Ever fancied going brighter, or just trying out a completely different lipstick?

Well now is the perfect chance.

Go bright, go bold, go different with your lipstick.

Mix up Your Eyeshadow

Following on from the lipstick, how about making a change with your eyeshadow.

Pop over to YouTube, follow some tutorials, try some new colours and make autumn 2018 your season to try out some different colour mixes.

You never know, you might just find that you come to love them!

So there you have a few ideas to help you change up your look, without breaking the bank.

I am sure I have missed out some really obvious ideas though and would love to know just how you change up your look at home, without breaking the bank?

This is a collaborative post.

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How to Change Your Look without Breaking The Bank

Read the original post here authored by Sarah Bailey. You can visit this blog here.

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