Hey lovelies! Today I want to introduce you to someone who will help you with tips, ideas and suggestions on how to design your office like a lady boss.

His name is Arron! Yup! A guy. LOL.  What does he know about designing? A lot.

Arron is an Australian based interior design blogger and DIY maker with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation.

He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people, so when he reached out to guest post on my blog I said YES!

When Arron suggested a post on how to design your office like a lady boss, I must say I was quite surprised.

He promised his content would be catered to my readers and he delivered. So keep reading and enjoy!

Here’s How To Design Your Office Like A Lady Boss!

Ladies, we live in peculiar times.

On one hand, the impact of the feminine society begins to take hold in the modern, previously exclusively patriarchal environment, as women from across the globe are increasingly becoming widely recognised for their skills, expertise, general badassery.

Not to mention an innate talent to challenge any goal and thrive through adversity.

On the other, you still have to prove your strength wherever you go.

Where a man would crack, a woman will persevere.

After all, one does not go through a lifetime of  stomach cramps without becoming a terminator in her own right.

A feminine terminator deserves an office to aid her in reaching her goals and establishing her reputation in the competitive world.

Here are great tips on how to transform your office into a haven of productivity and lifelong prosperity.

1. Declutter And Organise

A clean office is a productive office, it gets no simpler than that. This one might be obvious to some, and it should be for you as well.

However, if you have been living under the impression that you’re a creative spirit able to thrive in the chaos you surround yourself with, you are actually setting yourself up for disaster in the long run.

Solution? You need to declutter and neatly file and organise your entire office in order to promote clarity, productivity and focus.

How do you expect to maintain productivity if you’re unable to find this folder or send out that contract?

Don’t let the clutter define your success.

2. Save The Trees

The trees like you, so why don’t you reciprocate by taking the necessary steps towards a paperless future?

After all, it is the 21st century; you probably have a bunch of gadgets around your home and office with unlimited storage in terms of work material.

Why not utilise the power of technology to streamline your work and promote productivity?

Save the trees, use your computer more.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” – Albert EinsteinClick To Tweet

3. Make It Comfy And Cosy

Not to insinuate your office should be so cosy that you fall asleep at your desk, but it should be comfy enough for you to feel focused, relaxed and ready to tackle any challenge.

Your desk should boast ample work-space and your seating arrangement should entail comfy armchairs for your guests to feel pampered and secure in your domain.

Yet, that is not the most important part. The determining factor will be the chair you sit in.

Your office chair can make or break your success, believe it or not, because if it does not correspond with the contours of your body you will start experiencing pain, and in time, your body will suffer.

The Australian business community has taken a giant leap towards ensuring the health of its employees, and ergonomic office chairs in Sydney have become all the craze, allowing people to be more productive and positive throughout the day.

Don’t underestimate the power of the chair and be sure to make a prudent investment.

4. Add A Touch Of Green

Nature is all around us, and it should be a vital component of your serene, productive office environment.

No need to create a rainforest though, just introduce several potted plants and maybe a colourful flower vase to decorate your window sill or the edge of your desk.

You will instantly notice that you’re more productive, positive and able to nurture your relationship with your clients better than ever before.

The added benefit is that people love a warm, intimate setting, and that is exactly what your office will provide for your guests.

5. Colours And Lighting

The colour scheme in your office should reflect your personality and should fill the room with positivity and enthusiasm.

While it is yours to choose, the colour scheme should deviate from dark, brooding hues and instead boast lively alternatives, such as red, yellow, green or aqua blue.

As for the lighting, a productive machine like yourself needs ample amounts of lights to operate at peak performance, so not only should your office host plenty of natural sunlight during the day, but it should also be illuminated with warm artificial lighting for those long nights spent making magic happen.
Heard enough about how to design your office like a lady boss?

Well, the time is better than ever to be a true give-you-a-run-for-your-money, million-dollar lady boss!

Take your creativity, shove it into the fleeting life of the patriarchal system, and utilise your office to show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with!

How have you gone about designing your office or creative space?

Share them with us in the comments section below.

Arron is an Australian based interior design blogger and DIY maker with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation.

Ever wondered how to design your office like a lady boss? We, fret no more! With these simple steps you will have your office or creative space setup like a boss lady in no time!

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Read the full original post here authored by Sheri Leinfellner. You can visit her blog here.

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