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Many people will tell you that blogging is dead, but it’s really far from it.

In fact, blogging is probably more popular than ever. If you know what you’re doing, then it can be a fantastic business to have that can actually help you share your knowledge and help a lot of people.

However, as with everything that can be successful, blogging is something you’ll have to have an understanding of and put the work into. This can often mean that you’ll have to be prepared to create a lot of content and put a lot of effort into in the beginning without really seeing any return for a while. If you keep at it and keep creating consistent, high-value content, then it will pay off.

In this post, we’re going to share with you our top strategies for driving traffic to your blog that can actually help you turn your blog into a business that makes you money.
For even more tips on making money from your blog, then you can find so much information and great strategies online at so you can really master this whole blogging thing and see for yourself that it’s really not going anywhere anytime soon.

Be consistent:

The biggest mistake that many people make with blogging is that they go ahead and set one up, create a few posts, disappear for a couple of weeks when they can’t think of what to write. Then come back again and repeat the same process a few times before giving up and saying that blogging doesn’t work. In order for blogging to work, you need to have a clear plan for your content. Know what your goals for your blog is, who you want to be reading it, and then create a content calendar with topic ideas so that you know what’s going out and when. It’s not about putting out the most content, but staying consistent with it. Even if you only write once per week, if you’re putting out high-value content that people can benefit from, then the frequency doesn’t matter.

Choose your keywords carefully:

If you start a blog for people hoping to start a dog walking business, but the keywords you use on your site mention nothing of dog walking, then you can be guaranteed that those who you want to be reading your content simply won’t be able to find you. Use SEO tools to find the best and most relevant keywords to ensure your blog is going to get noticed on Google when people are searching for these keywords.

Share your posts everywhere:

With so much competition aiming for that first page on Google, then you need to go beyond just creating content. You need to be making sure you’re getting your content in front of as many people as possible, and places like social media are an ideal way to do this. Whether through using free or paid strategies, social media is the ideal marketing tool for bloggers. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are amazing for sharing your content so make sure you make good use of these platforms!

Remember that although there are so many bloggers out there no two are the same so don’t ever compare yourself to others!

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