Who Doesn’t Want To Live A Happier And More Fulfilled Lifestyle?

One of my goals is to declutter our home. Not only because we are at the point where spring cleaning begins but because I recently adopted a lifestyle of “less clutter, more time”. A minimalist lifestyle that means our family is able to enjoy life more by owning less.

Minimalism or the minimalist lifestyle encompasses a number of different practices to simplify your life. These include self-improvement, productivity, reduction of possessions, and reclaiming time.

Decluttering your life of anything you do not want = FREEDOM!

I love letting go of extra crap. I won’t call it spring cleaning because we will be declutter until we are happy with the changes. It is an on-going process, that has become a part of our daily routine.

We don’t like to keep paper unless it is absolutely necessary.  For the most part, all of our bills are emailed. We do however, keep up with tax documents just out of sheer paranoia but if you efile, there is usually a virtual copy of everything you do at tax time.

Here’s the big picture. There are just way too many things we hold on to that we don’t need.

The amount of stuff we our almost two year old, the hubby and I own, you could easily mistake us for a family of five! We decided to make a change, and here we are.

So now back to the issue at hand.

    How to genuinely enjoy life more by owning less?

You need a strategy, a routine, discipline and commitment.

Have you noticed that in various places in your home, for example, in drawers, boxes and cupboards in your garage, basement, or even rooms you just keep “junk”?

Boxes of items you don’t need, don’t use, maybe some you do not even remember owning.

Why do we do this? Well, we are creatures of possession.

Do you go out shopping and return home with a car load of items – some of which you don’t really need? Different seasons call for gift giving. We receive gifts

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