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I thought I would list a few ideas below of how you can have a perfect cosy night in.

I love reading these sort of posts and I always get new ideas on how to add, all the little details into my life.Which helps so much when you feel a bit lost in life. I’m quite an empathetic person so I get drained more easily than most. So I always like to have a really relaxing night in. It is my number one self care thing to do!

I love a cosy night in! Nothing beats it, I am more of a stay at home kind of person. So I definitely know how to have a cosy night in! Spring is arriving (Kind of) but I still love to spend a night on the sofa in my favourite comfiest, pj’s after a bath, with a big cosy blanket and some fluffy socks.

You have to have a cup of tea and some chocolate or sweets and a good film on the tv.

My bedroom tv is Panasonic so it is super clear and makes it a whole lot more enjoyable to watch!

Here is how to have a perfect cosy night in, in my eyes.

1. relaxing bubble bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bubble bath with some candles and some jazz music (yes I just said that lol) when I was younger I would never of thought, I like jazz music lol! Or meditation music and classical.

2. Face mask

I always have a selection of face masks to go to.

3. Fluffy socks and comfy pyjamas 

I would live in my comfiest pj’s if I could/Sometimes I do lol! Nothing better than buying myself new pyjamas. I really need to go through all my pj’s and get rid of some, I have way to many.

4. Tea and Chocolate or Krispy Kremes

 I love a hot cup of tea and some chocolate especially around the time of the month lol.

5. Fairy lights and candles

I always have a candle lit, to make it even more cosy! It just makes the room warm, nice lighting and smells really good! Especially different scents that make it more relaxing.

6. Diffuser 

I have recently just bought my mum a diffuser. So it’s not mine, but I am definitely going to be trying it with all the oils I bought to go with it. Which I think would be perfect for a night on the sofa.

7. Big blanket & lots of cushions

I always feel most chilled, when I have a big blanket on the sofa and lots of cushions!

8. Films/tv shows

My favourite films to watch and relax to are, save the last dance, eat pray love, pursuit of happiness, dirty dancing, all the girly films lol! My favourite tv shows are, sex and the city and friends. I can watch sex and the city over and over again!

9. Book

I love a good book, but I always have to have some sort of background on the tv. Right now I am currently reading ‘light is the new black – by Rebecca Campbell’. It is such a good book! I definitely recommend it.

10. Writing

Whenever I write it calms me mentally! It is my favourite thing to do on a cosy night by myself. I can never really write around people/when there is lots going on. My mind is goes blank, so I have to make it cosy for me to be creative. I always think how am I going to word posts, but as soon as I start writing it just flows. So definitely find something your passionate about and make it your cosy thing to do.

These are my favourite kind of posts to write.

I hope you can take something from this post and have a bit more self care in your life. It does make all the difference☺

  Kirsty x 

Read the full original post here authored by Kirsty Kinsella. You can visit her blog here.

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