If you are a regular reader you will know how much I love to go on holiday and although William’s disabilities have made it more tricky, it has not stopped us from going.   One thing I often hear from other families is that they are reluctant to travel because they are worried that their child’s wheelchair might end up getting damaged, or worst still lost and that one factor stops them from taking a much needed holiday.  So I wanted to share my top tips to keep your wheelchair safe on a plane.  

But before I get to those I think it is important to point out that while you may have read horror stories of wheelchairs getting damaged or lost, that really isn’t that common an occurrence, it just seems that way because no one writes stories about the time their wheelchair arrived in one piece at their destination!

It really isn’t that likely that your wheelchair will get lost or damaged on a plane but here are 7 ways you can help to reduce the risk even more…

1.  Prepare

Although we don’t dismantle Williams wheelchair anymore, we do make sure we prep the wheelchair ready for the journey to reduce the risk of breakages.  The day before our flight we do a thorough check of the chair and tighten up all the nuts and bolts so that nothing is loose enough to fall off! We also make sure we know how to dismantle the chair if we absolutely have to as it’s not something we do very often. 

We take off the straps, bumpers and any accessories at the gate and pop them into our hand baggage so they can’t get lost in the hold – I take my DRM Project  SuperMum tote bag folded up in my handbag so I have something to put them in!

2.  Labels.  

The airline will label the wheelchair at the check in gate along with your luggage, these labels are really important as they are used by the baggage handlers so they know which aircraft it needs to go on. 

If your wheelchair dismantles

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