The best thing about Christmas is catching up with friends and family that you perhaps haven’t seen in a while, years even, and welcoming them all into your home. It’s the time for sharing, keeping warm, staying home and watching films together and eating until your heart’s content. With the arrival of all the extra guests, it’s definitely worth thinking about ways to make your home more welcoming for the festive season. Here are a few ideas to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere, so much so, that your guests may never want to leave.

How to make your home more welcoming for guests this festive season

Having the right amount of seating at Christmas is no mean feat. Extending dining tables are the way forward. Throughout the year you can easily house your regular 4-6 dining chairs around the table but come Christmas, an extending dining table will enable you to comfortably cater for sometimes up to 10 people. A top pick for an extending dining table is this oak version, which accommodates 6, and up to 12 when needed.

After the dining table, the next place to tackle the seating is the living room. A comfortable sofa to accommodate all your stuffed guests is a necessity at Christmas, especially one that’s ideal for a post-dinner snooze. A corner sofa is an ideal choice for maximizing space and comfort. Arlo & Jacob have a lovely range of corner sofas, all large enough for ample snoozing room for the whole family. What’s more, a modular sofa like this example will allow you to add pieces as and when you need them, ideal if your family is continuing to grow.

One of the best ways to make a space, or to be more exact, a bedroom, more inviting is to invest in some gorgeous new bed linen. If your guest bedroom could use an update to make it more inviting this Christmas time, how about trying some luxurious, washed linen bedsheets, like these from Feather & Black? They’ll be perfect for the holiday lay-ins and snuggles.

Turn your bathroom

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