“A holiday isn’t a holiday without plenty of freedom and fun.”

We are off on holiday next week and I am super excited, what better way to do the countdown than to write some holiday based posts! I am kicking it off with a post about how to keep your little ones occupied on long journeys. Long journeys aren’t fun for anyone, especially not little ones with buckets of energy and no way to burn it off!

Here are some tips that work for us:

Apps – I know screen time is massively frowned upon, but I am no supermum and anything that keeps my little one occupied and not throwing tantrums is a winner in my book. We especially love YouTube kids which is surprisingly educational even though there’s the occasional surprise egg video and daddy finger song thrown in! Still we can’t have it all can we.  Journey map – Create a map of your journey and when you spot a thing on the map they get to stick a sticker on it or have a snack. Photograph the journey – Let your little ones take photos of things you drive by. My little one has a kiddizoom camera, it isn’t the best resolution but it is only for children and it is nice to have memories of your journey through their eyes. There are also games built-in to the camera which is great. Listen to music – Do your little ones like music? My little one loves to listen to Disney songs and sometimes even sing along! Although it gets a little repetitive, it keeps her occupied and away from the tears! DVD players – These are a life saver. Pop it on the back of your seat, put on a dvd that your little one loves and they will be quiet for a while – They might even fall asleep. Colouring books – Every child loves to colour, lets face it we do too! Grab a colouring book and a few colouring pencils and they will be well away!

If those aren’t enough I have also

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