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Travel style is a real struggle, everyone wants to pack light and stay fashionable. It’s no wonder why it has its own hashtag on Instagram because it really does require some smart planning and creative strategies if you want to look stylish while packing light. Travelling light is very beneficial. You’ll save lots of money on baggage fees if you learn how to travel with only a carry-on, and you’ll be less likely to miss a flight if checking a bag isn’t necessary.

You can even pack for a long trip with just carry-on luggage if you’re smart about it, and it is possible to look stylish and have lots of outfit options with only a small variety of clothing.

Pack Light and Stay Fashionable

You can change an entire outfit and make the same dress look completely different by switching up a few accessories. Your plain coloured t-shirts will come in handy as you mix-and-match with different bottoms. Your reversible belts will add a different look each time, and you can find ways to create multiple stylish looks with very few pieces of clothing.

Here are some tips for travelling light while staying fashionable:

1. Pack Plain Colored Shirts

In your suitcase, you’ll need a few basic tees in plain colours that are comfortable, soft, and will go with everything. You can mix and match to create different outfits on vacation with this strategy. A simple red t-shirt can be dressed up with a high-waisted navy skirt and a pearl necklace or dressed down by wearing a pair of jean shorts and tying a knot on the side of the shirt for a casual and cute look.

You’ll want to pack a few t-shirts in neutral colours, at least one vibrant colour for fun, and ensure the t-shirts are soft and comfortable fabric. For example, American Apparel and Gildan t-shirts are soft and comfy while being well-constructed, form-fitting and high-quality. The tri-blend material of these shirts helps them retain their shape during your travels, and they also stay soft and wrinkle-free.

2. Choose Wrinkle-Free Clothing

A travelling fashionista will never look very stylish or chic if what they’re wearing is wrinkled. The smartest thing you can do when packing for a long trip is to pack plenty of wrinkle-free items. That means you want to pack dresses and shirts made of wrinkle-free fabrics such as cashmere, rayon, viscose, cotton blends, merino wool and silk. The more wrinkle-free pieces you pack, the less you’ll need to pack. This is because wrinkle-free clothing can be re-worn during your travels, as certain fabrics retain their shape and their smooth drape while travelling.

3. Decide on a Color Theme

If you are able to choose three colours that go together and stick to that colour theme when packing, then packing light while staying stylish will be easy. Choose the colours that look best on you, go with your skin tone or colours that bring out your eyes. When going through your closet and deciding which pieces to pack, stick to your three matching colours. This way, you can mix and match every item you pack, to create multiple outfits. Examples of colour themes that work nicely include any combination of navy blue, black and white or any combination of white, beige and yellow.

4. Carefully Select Your Jewelry and Accessories

When packing light with style in mind, you should carefully select which jewellery to pack. A few statement necklaces will dress up a plain t-shirt, and pearls can add class to the most casual of outfits. An oversized pair of statement earrings can completely change a look to the point where nobody will notice you’re wearing the same black t-shirt as yesterday. When it comes to accessories, the right belt or scarf can completely change the look of an outfit. This means that you could wear the same dress with a different belt or scarf, and it will look like a whole new outfit.

5. Pack Versatile Items

Versatile items are key for the light traveller. A silk scarf, for example, can be worn as a headband, a scarf or a belt. Meanwhile, some skirts and dresses are actually reversible, which means one side can be a chic, plain black – while the other side is a pretty floral print. A flowy teal kimono can be worn as a beach cover-up during the day, or over a black dress at night. There are stylish belts that have a different colour on the opposite side, and there are plenty of swimsuits that are reversible and act as two swimsuits in one.

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