What Is A GPS-Guided Travel Articles And Why Use It?

In this day and age, when travelling on holiday or planning trips we hardly ever take heavy books of guide and maps with us anymore. Why? We have it all on the internet. That’s what makes GPS guided travel articles so great.
However, when on holiday, most people will not activate their roaming, and have to rely on wireless connections at the hotel, sightseeing locations and in restaurants.
Bookmarking articles and websites on your phone or iPad is great, but what happens when you have no access to the internet?
I can’t count how many times in the past I have gone into a cafe to grab a coffee while on holiday just so I could access the internet in order to find directions from Point A to B.
Well guess what? There is an easy stress free way to see all the sites you want to in a particular city without ever needing an internet connection.
In case you missed my initial article about this back in September, let me introduce you to GPSmyCity which is filled with a plethora of gps guided articles!
It is an awesome and reliant personal walking tour guide.
I am excited that my travel articles have been turned into an app that can help others navigate their favourite cities with tips, suggestions, and insider advice I can give.

gps guided travel articles abbl walking around

 What Are The Benefits Of Travel Article Apps?

-Use of the maps and articles are available offline.
-You can read the articles on the go – for example on the plane, or while walking around exploring your  city of choice.
-You can create your own detailed travel plan.
-Mark your favourite points of interest.
-The “Find Me” tool will alert you if you are going in the wrong direction.
-Articles from over 750 cities worldwide!

gps guided travel articles abbl never get lost

Never get lost again….

Sound interesting? Of course, it does!
Who wouldn’t want a 24- hour personal walking tour guide will assist them at every destination? What is better than having access to information right at your fingertips?

You are left with more time to really enjoy your holiday.

gps guided travel articles abbl night

 Use the app day or night…on and offline

What Happens After You Download The App?

Once your download GPSmyCity to your phone, you can start using it immediately.
Discover great places in the city you live in that you may not have previously known about. Living in Vienna, I have found many great hidden gems that I would have missed had I taken my car
I love exploring cities on foot, rather than taking a car or public transportation. This way, I get to see places I might have otherwise missed.
You can easily find important monuments and attractions you have heard about in a specified city, as well as hotels, banks, theaters and so much more.

Now The Best Part…..The Bonus

I love to give. Not only advice but content and information that will really help you.
GPSmyCity and I will giveaway one of my gps guided travel articles in the form of an app. You will receive 5 London Food Markets You Need To Know About for FREE from Monday, February 27 until Sunday, March 05, 2017
Throughout this period, you will be able to upgrade the GPSmyCity app.

 So How Do You Get It?

You can access GPS-guided travel articles two different ways:
Just click on one of the links below for an article you are interested in.
If you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app, you will receive a prompt to do so.
After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
From the GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see which articles are available.

My giveaway link: 5 London Food Markets You Need to Know About  

My other available articles on GPSmyCity:

7 of the Best Heurige (Wine Taverns) in Vienna

5 Bargain Food Markets in Vienna You Should Not Miss

Best Places To Have Cocktails In Vienna
Note: If you do upgrade one of my gps guided travel articles, I will receive a few cents which I will then put together and donate.

gps guided travel articles abbl sights

Share this post with your friends, family and colleagues. The GPS guided travel articles will ensure a great time for you in any city you are in! Read articles written by people who have “been there, done that”.
I will be adding new articles on things to see and do in Vienna, and other great cities worldwide, so stay updated.
Want to share this with others? Go ahead and pin this as a reference for later, and of course, do share.

Enjoy this fantastic new app and service. Let me know what you think about the possibility of using it, or if you have already used it, how did you like it?
Share your experiences with me in the comments section below.

Heading on holiday and need your own personalized gps guided travel guide? Look no further. You can have articles for FREE which are personalized to your trip and your taste. You make the rules. Click through to read more.

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