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You’re planning to travel this summer, and your little furry friend can’t come with you, for whatever reason? Don’t despair, there are various ways you can handle this issue.

Whether you choose to leave your cat alone, find a cat-sitter or decide to take your feline mate to a boarding house, it’s up to you. No one knows your pet like you do, and only you can make a decision how your cat will spend the time while you’re not around. We’ve gathered some facts and tips about cat’s staycation options, so you may have a clearer picture what to do once you see it. So, let’s dive in.

Leaving your cat home alone

Photo source: Unsplash

Cats are way more independent than dogs, and even though they need some care, you can easily leave them at home for extended time periods. Of course, you have to make sure there is enough water and food, but generally – this is one of the best options for a feline staycation. Cats love their territory and leaving them in the familiar surrounding practically ensures they won’t face many behavioral problems.

In order to make sure everything is set for your cat’s staycation here’s what to keep in mind:

Buy a few extra disposable litter boxes, especially if you have more than one cat. When leaving your furry friend for longer periods, litter is the biggest problem. That’s why extra boxes may come in handy.

Get or build a Catio. Catio or cat-patio is a great accessory for those home cats that love the outdoors, but don’t like anything else about it. Having a fun and well-placed catio, especially if it’s accessible from the house is an amazing solution. You know that your cat can get enough air and it won’t get bored, while it’s perfectly safe the whole time. If you are based in the UK your best option for a Catio or parts for a Catio is ProtectaPet.

Make sure you don’t have any problems with ants or other insects, as it can cause an

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