Bullying in the workplace

Last year I shared a post with you about why I was enjoying my new job at the time. Let’s take into account that I published that post three days after I started on 5th September 2017. The excitement soon began to fade away.

I hope that what I’m about to say will help someone out there who’s too afraid to speak up; to recognise what they are experiencing and remembering that it’s okay to speak to someone about it.

I still believe what I said back then that:

If you’re passionate enough, you’ll see that it won’t always feel like a job and you are developing your career. 

…It is a busy, fast-paced environment but it is a brilliant role to active in. There’s a great deal of things which I still need to learn but I think that it is a good thing. Being challenged can keep us on our toes and it certainly does for me. I just think, one step at a time.

However, there comes a point where being challenged becomes something else. Where being challenged tests your mental health. It brings out a worry in you that you’ve never had before. You keep telling yourself it’s because you’re still new, and it will get better. Maybe I won’t feel nervous walking into the office in the morning. Maybe I’ll receive more thanks one day and it’ll reassure me that I’m doing okay.

Maybe one day, the atmosphere in 1-1s and in the office will be the same. I wonder if I

You’ve got to remember that just because they’ve shown a nice gesture, doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t capable of being a bully. Bullying isn’t just actions, it also words.

Being bullied before, you would think I would see the signs. I just thought that this is what real life was like. You know, starting something new,

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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