As the weather starts to improve its giving us a glimpse of just how awesome summer will be. Now! this was the optimistic in me talking but in all honesty British weather is like a 2yo with tantrums. One minute we could be enjoying what resembles Spring weather and next it’s back to winter. But as Brits this is something we are well aware of so we are always ready for all weather changes. As we look to upcoming summer vacations many of us have a handful of parties and weddings to attend. But what if you’re hosting one and don’t wish to break the bank?

If you come from a large family then you know it will be a big occasion. Better yet you could be celebrating something awesome this summer {like my 3-0}. Here is How to Save Money when Planning a Large Dinner Party.

How to Save Money when Planning a Large Dinner Party

A dinner party, even a large one, does not have to break the bank. It can actually be a surprisingly economical way to host a lot of people.

Table Settings

You might be lucky enough to have a full dinner service lurking, ready for use, in a sideboard or kitchen cupboard. If you don’t, think twice before going out and buying one. Even a discounted set will dispose of a good chunk of your budget, which you may be able to use to better effect by buying food and drink. Moreover, unless you plan to host such events regularly, purchasing a large dinner service is unlikely to represent good value for money, particularly when assessed on a cost per use basis. It could be preferable to rent the requisite cutlery and crockery from one of the many party suppliers now in business. Alternatively, why not embrace the eclectic look, and mix and match your place settings, using whatever you already own?

What to Drink

Although your guests may bring bottles as gifts, general etiquette suggests that, as host, you have no obligation to use these in preference to your own selection of

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