Hosting a perfect afternoon tea party is mostly dependent on preparation and your audience.Those who know me know I am not one for hosting an afternoon tea party but happy to attend one. Regular readers would remember our enchanting afternoon tea party {of sort} with an Asian twist at Chi Kitchen London. It was definitely one for the books and to this day is one of our most favourite afternoon tea sessions.

Nowadays partaking in a perfect afternoon tea party is not the same as it was back in the day. It is no longer just teas and scones, today prosecco is on the menu and so are different food bites. But one can only attend so many afternoon tea parties before you have to throw one yourself. Today’s guest post has some great tips on how you can throw the perfect afternoon tea party. He’s even included a lovely infographic to show us just how easy it can be done.

How to throw the perfect afternoon tea party

Christmas can be an extremely hectic time of year with both work and personal life commitments ballooning over. Work parties and increased family commitments can add up and mean that you have much less time to organize  things. Have you ended up agreeing to hosting a party and have come to realise finding the time to organize isn’t possible? Then why not consider having an afternoon tea party especially if free-time isn’t appearing in your busy diary .

If you decide to hold your own afternoon tea party it might seem a bit overwhelming to begin with. But actually an afternoon tea party is one of the simpler types of ‘parties’ that you could hold. All you need is a little bit of equipment and planning ahead of time. Once you have all of the equipment you need and have prepared the food there is very little hosting needed. For the full low down of everything you need, how to create the perfect atmosphere as well as other tips check out this new De Vere afternoon tea party infographic:

Have you ever thrown

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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