How to write a great blog post

It seems like everyone is blogging nowadays! Which means there is a lot more competition when it comes to getting those posts read! There is so much noise out there right now. Some blog posts get a handful of views and some get hundreds or thousands very quickly! So what separates a great post from a mediocre one?

The very best posts educate people, they are inspirational, aspirational, they make us think and they make us take action in our lives, careers or businesses.

When it comes to creating great blog content there are 4 things to bear in mind if you really want to rock blogging!


A great title is the first thing people see – this title is the difference between a click to the main post or not.

Bad titles:

New blog up
‘your company name here’ launches new service
My day
What I did today

Why these titles DON’T work: These titles are all about YOU! Who cares about you? – Your readers want to know how YOU can help THEM or how THEY can help themselves! And if it is about you it better be a great story or very aspirational content.

So keep your titles educational, fun, interesting and helpful If you are an expert in something then flaunt your expertise by revealing a new way of approaching a subject or teaching the Lay person how to do elements of your job themselves. Tutorials work really well. This makes you the person people want to go to, to get advice or answers, this makes you the GO TO person, the expert. If you showcase your talents or expertise and give tons of value away, you’ll soon see a positive effect in terms of community engagement, link clicks and blog views.

NUMBER 2! – Great Images

If you don’t use images or you use a dull stock photo that everyone else is using people will automatically associate it with other content. The Key is to be Original here. Original, Eye Catching and related to your title!

How to do it: Jump on Canva or Pic Monkey – (free services) and get designing. You can use elements of stock photos from places like canva or dollarphoto club. Check out the cover image dimensions and create an image just the right size for the space. This will make your posts look even more professional. And help YOUR blog post stand out from the crowd.

NUMBER 3! – Great Content

Once you have that perfect title and the perfect picture the content needs to be GREAT! It needs to do what it say’s on the tin.

Here are some tips:

Be original – Don’t write about the same things we’ve all seen before it makes for a very uninspiring read.

Do use your insight, talent and expertise to create and article that inspires people to take action.

Share content that will last the test of time. News is good but sharing Great Content that will provide value for weeks or even months to come will ensure you’ll increase your views and shares on social media. This content is evergreen and will last the test of time. – Put it this way would you rather write one rubbish blog a week or do one GREAT post that gets views and shares month after month? – It’s a No Brainer!

And Finally! NUMBER – 4 – Share

If you want those likes, shares and comments, the most important thing you can do is match the title to the image and the image to the content.

And share, share share. Don’t just post and run. Post and share to your LinkedIn feed, share on Twitter, on Facebook, Pin the image to Pinterest, Instagram….. SHARING increases awareness of your content and helps you build a loyal following and community.

Don’t just share once. Make a schedule as to when you will share your content in the future, this way more of your audience will see your article over time.

If you use these rules, I guarantee you’ll start getting more views, click and fans!

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Lucy Hall is a Social Media and Digital Marketing writer and speaker. Founder of #DIYDIGITAL. Get heaps of free ebooks and content at or follow on Twitter @lucyshall




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