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Christmas is always a special time for me. During my childhood, our family home was always abuzz with excitement with people whispering about gifts for each other and getting the Christmas decorations up. Now with having kids of my own, who are just as excited as I used to be, Christmas is still so much fun.

As a family, we tend to spend Christmas Eve being super busy. There are so many last minute things to do and I’m quite a last minute person. There are gifts to wrap and Christmas dinner to organise – although to be honest I’m just in charge of getting the table to look pretty. My husband cooks the dinner.

One thing I do make sure to do is we attend the children’s liturgy at church.

And when we come back, it’s usually pyjamas and a Christmas movie to watch as a family. After that it’s time to put out the mince pies and a drink for Santa. And yes, carrots for the reindeer.

Christmas Day is such a bustle and I love it. Kids are awake way too early. We unwrap presents together and then get ready for Christmas dinner. It’s one day that the kids are allowed sweets for breakfast. How lovely to have a house full of hyper-active kids fueled by sugar. The rest of the day passes in a haze of cooking, eating and drinking wine! The kids are busy playing with their toys and I browse the internet deciding what I’m going to buy in the sales. (just kidding)

I actually tried out this calculator and it looks like my youngest is going to be awake at 6.35am on the 25th. Why don’t you give it a go? Just to be prepared? Here’s the calculator – Happy Beds’ Christmas Wake Up Calculator

Happy Beds has done some research into Christmas lie-ins. It just so happens they don’t exist. For parents at least.  The research  looks into common reasons why children can’t sleep on X’mas eve, what time they’re expected to wake up and what parents do to get their children to sleep. You can read more about it here – 


I want to see Santa                                                       32.67%

I want something from my stocking                        12.54%

I want a present from under the tree                      19.47%

I want some Christmas sweets                                  13.20%

I want some Christmas food                                      11.55%

I’m just too excited to sleep                                       36.63%

I want to see the reindeer                                           18.15%

I want to see if Santa has had his mince pie          23.76%

I love the post Christmas season too because it means getting visiting extended family. It is a lovely time of year. What about you – how do you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

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