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Hey lovelies,

If like me you are tired of watching and reading reviews of products that simply doesn’t live up to the hype. Then please read as I am about to have a serious rant. I wish I would have never gotten them and I would like a refund…

So lets get right into it.

First product I dislike 

Behold the power of marketing. When my son was little I bought products from this range after watching reviews about how amazinggggggg they are. It didn’t work. Then came my daughter. Then I fell for it again. I don’t know why, maybe I thought I used it wrong after watching a pretty convincing review…

Power of marketing + naiveness = insanity (buying over and over again and expecting a different result).

img_7939 img_7942

I know the product is named “mixed chicks”, my daughter and I are not lol but the packaging does say it’s for black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean…

The leave in conditioner is awful. It didn’t leave my daughter’s hair soft whatsoever. It didn’t marry well with her hair, mine, or my son’s.

The shampoo wasn’t anything special as well. At £8.49, a much cheaper alternative will yield a better result.  The prices are not even cheap, so you kind of hope that it’ll work. Like you think people can’t be that cruel and charge so much for something that doesn’t work, right? WRONG.

Didn’t work for me, my son or my daughter…

Product Numero 2


Gurrrrrrrrrl please, this did nothing for her hair.

Product letter 3 🙂

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