I follow a lot of blogs. A LOT. It’s part of being an active part of the blogging community. This is not a problem, as I never have a lack of blog reading material. I also learn a lot. However, I’ve noticed that I have to purge my followed blogs on a very regular basis or else it just becomes all clogged up. I haven’t purged my reader in quite a few months, so last week, when I embarked on the purge, I was shocked by what I saw. WP now shows how long its been since each blog has updated last. OMG. Do you know that I found blogs who hadn’t updated in 2 years?! Now, when I follow a blog its because I’m interested. They seem to be updated regularly before I hit the subscribe button. But this…THIS! I purged more than 65% of the blogs I was following because they hadn’t updated in MONTHS!

Those of you who have been reading here for awhile probably remember that one of my biggest pet peeves is when a blogger disappears for months and then writes a post apologizing – and – returning. Now, I understand some people are sick, or are dealing with loss & transition. That is not the problem. If I know that you are dealing with things, then of course I’ll wait. But if you just up and vanish, then come back 5 months later apologizing – that life has been hectic – I’m out. I want to follow bloggers who are dedicated. Bloggers who care that their readers are looking for them. If your blog isn’t a priority to you, it surely isn’t going to be a priority to me. Know what I’m saying?

So, anyway. After many hours of deleting blogs who are no longer in existence, I find myself wondering ‘is this a regular thing?’. Am I going to have to continue cleaning out my reader every month. Am I really investing this much time … into this? Why do so many blogs just … stop?

So, I am so tempted to follow

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