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Hey lovelies,


It’s been a minute again…

It’s spring… ish (it’s been snowing in march!). Anyways spring is when I like to thoroughly (I use this word loosely) clean my home. I love to organise and declutter as much as I can!


So this brings me to my new discovery! I was cleaning my wall and doors because during the summer months the sun exposes every grubby bit of my home and my unhealthy foodie habits (but we’ll save that for another time). I tried using regular cleaning product to clean my door but I was not entirely happy with it.

Thankfully I turned to my besties google and youtube and I found this bizarre hack that toothpaste can rid my grubby doors. I knowww, I was as sceptical as the next person because there are so many bogus hacks out there. However I thought I will give it ago, feeling very naive.

This is what happened:

Exhibit A


img_9381 After


Exhibit B





Exhibit C





So there you have it folks! It works! I didn’t even use a branded toothpaste, I used a Lidl brand toothpaste I bought hoping it was as good as branded toothpaste (it wasn’t). Now I have an incredible use for it.

Give it a try and thank moi later!

Hasta la vista bebe!





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