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Who are you and what defines you? Not questions that many of us ask ourselves very often, or often enough. Are we happy to plod through life and live the same day over or are we willing to push ourselves in various aspects of our lives? The importance of challenging yourself as a parent in your daily lives and the effect on your wellbeing is explored here.

Challenges can be made on a daily basis. It is an idea that’s in your head that you decide to target. Everybody is unique and what drives them differs from person to person. As a parent, it can be difficult to find time to fit in a challenge. Family, Work, household chores and other factors can take up time, but here are the main reasons to challenge yourself constantly.

Key factors Behind a Challenge

Motivation. We are all motivated by different goals. A sense of achievement to finishing a goal is what spurs me personally but others are spurred on by status, finances etc.

Accomplishment. A sense of achieving something. It can be a great feeling when you have challenged yourself and finished it.

Size of the challenge. A challenge can be anything. Need to get that mountain of ironing done or climb Everest both can be a challenge. A challenge is a target you have set yourself. Is it achievable and realistic though? If you have been inactive for a while it’s probably best to set smaller targets than to run a full marathon. Something like a couch to 5k would be a good starting point and then upscale the challenges accordingly.

Organisation. Setting a goal can help you to learn time management and fitting in tasks into your already busy lives.

Success. Again, success is a matter of opinion. One person’s milestone is different to another’s, everybody is unique. Who do you see as successful? An entrepreneur, a sports star, a family member or friend. Don’t compare yourself to others. Set your own targets and goals.

Making each day count. We all have a certain amount of time on this planet. Are we putting our energy into the right areas? Create that bit of desire and excitement in your life.

Reaching your potential. How far can you go? You are sat here reading this so I guess at some stage you are going to set yourself some challenges. Start now, start planning and putting it into action. What is stopping you from learning to juggle? Learn to cook? To learn basic French? To run your first 5K, to raise money for charity. The internet is many things but it is a great resource of information for doing anything. Let me know what

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