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Whether you are looking to save money, make more space, or reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance you need to carry out, there are lots of surprising ways improving your home can also improve your family’s life. Because we recognise this, we asked Luxury Flooring & Furnishings’ help to compile some of their most helpful ways to make things easier. Read on below for their top tips!



Flooring is the first thing you should consider. All the spillages and dropping of items that kids do can really hurt the wrong flooring, not to mention the slip risk that comes with some floors. The bathroom and kitchen are priorities here due to the higher spillage, stain and slip risk. LVT is especially great as kitchen flooring, thanks to its easy to clean properties and water resistance. In bathrooms, you should also opt for LVT, as it is the most water resistant of all floor coverings aside from tiles, but these come with a slip risk. LVT is therefore perfect, and with its low price and a large variety of colours and styles to choose from – including wood and stone looks – there is something for everyone! In general, you should also avoid using textured flooring if you have young children who walk barefoot to avoid hurting their delicate feet, and if you have wood floors anywhere in your home, apply a lacquer to avoid this problem whilst providing maximum protection for the floor itself. Wood floors can be sanded and refinished anytime to suit your needs over time, so don’t worry about this ruining the look of your expensive wood floor!

Storage Space

Kids can make a huge mess. Do you find yourself constantly tripping over toys and games that have been left out? Storage space may seem obvious to some, but most just opt for boxes which in turn are left all over the place themselves! It is worth splashing out on bunk beds that instead of having another bed underneath, have drawers, book shelves and empty space for clothes, toys and books. Older kids may even find this novelty so appealing that they wish to clean up after themselves. Ottomans can also be found doubled up as furniture like foot stools, making the perfect space to store things without ruining the look of your home.

Rewards Systems

Try implementing rewards such as a sticker chart, small toys and gifts, sweets or TV shows as a present for helping clear up, wash the dishes or fill up the washing machine. Not only will this teach them the value of these jobs, give them life skills and demonstrate that there isn’t some cleaning fairy who does everything, but it will make things easier for you too! No longer will you be stressing out over these chores, tripping over eachothers feet or worrying about not spending enough time together – which for us make this the best improvement of all.

Is there anything we have missed? What else do you do in your home to make things easier?

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