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The Blogging World Really Is A Cake Filled With Rainbows And Smiles Where Everyone Would Eat And Be Happy

inspiring bloggers

inspiring bloggers

So I’ve made a folder on my phone full of inspiring bloggers, and I am always having a browse through their posts and a nosey on their blog as you can call them my online ‘happy place’ if you like.

I’ve not told anyone that I’m creating this post so I hope it will be a nice surprise for those included and a reminder to you all that you’re awesome!

I don’t always interact with these lovely ladies as much as I’d like but know that I am always keeping up to date with your blogs!

In no particular order whatsoever here are the bloggers that really stand out to me:

Inthefrow – Victoria

Victoria is not only absolutely stunning with an amazing taste in fashion & style but she writes a variety of posts that her audience can relate to. Victoria writes about a bunch of niches including beauty, fashion and travel but I love how inspiring her post on ‘Why it’s really not worth comparing yourself’ is.

Maria J BlogsMaria

Her photos are always incredibly flawless and you can tell she works hard on her blog and social media channels. Maria is an inspiration! One of my favourite posts of hers has to be ‘All in the caption’.

Scarlett London – Scarlett

Or as I like to call her- The Beyoncé of blogging. Simply flawless, and an inspiration to any blogger. If you haven’t heard of her, where have you been? I love her post on ‘How to be your own Wonder Woman’. She’s simply awesome and so creative!

Your superpower is being you


I had the pleasure of briefly meeting this lovely lady at Blog Con back in June, and she is honestly the cutest person ever. I love her whole blog but my favourite post has to be ‘I am more than my skin’. In this post Lauren talks about how your skin doesn’t define you. Although Lauren has acne she is brave enough to show her skin make up free and she’s stunning!

inspiring bloggers

inspiring bloggers

Hello Bexa – Bexa

2 Seconds on her blog and I guarantee you will feel a million times happier. The colours are super girly and everything is so visually appealing! Bexa is also so creative and makes awesome scrapbooks as well other amazing things! Her ‘Create an inspirational scrapbook’ post is probably one of my favourites.

Beth Sandland – Beth

Beth is another person I look up to for her stunning photos and visuals and her honesty through her writing. She shares all her tips she’s learnt along her journey in her posts and they are so helpful for anyone out there that’s looking to improve their blog. I love her post on ‘How to pitch to PRs for brand collabs’ I definitely learnt a thing or two from it!

Everyone is creative in their own way, there are just many different ways to show it – Lozza – Girly Gabble

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Bailey Leah – Bailey

Bailey is 15 years old, and without sounding patronising, she’s such a talented and smart girl for her age. Her posts are so inspiring and can relate to people of all ages. I’m so glad I found her blog! One of my favourite posts of hers is: ‘Things to do when you’re feeling sad’ so if you ever need a happiness boost I would really recommend checking it out.

Ruth In Revolt – Ruth

Since Ruth entered the blogging world she has bought happiness & sunshine into the whole community. Ruth has been called ‘the fairy godmother’ due to her kind hearted nature and the daily inspiration she always gives to others. She wrote a super cute post on how she met her partner and it will melt you heart.

Nati Creates – Nati

I love Nati’s blog! The layout is so user friendly and there is always a great post to read! I love ‘Am I shit at friendship’ and I think we can all relate to it from time to time. Nati is one of the most recent bloggers I have discovered but man I’m glad I did!

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inspiring bloggers

inspiring bloggers

Guys, you are all amazing and inspiring bloggers and individuals!

When I first started out in the blogging world around 9 years ago, although it was a supportive place, I didn’t make any connections with others and I soon fell out of love with blogging. I decided to re-kindle my love for blogging a couple of years ago with this blog after 2 previous others had.. well flopped. Now I am so glad to see how supportive people still are and how many bloggers are around now. There are thousands of bloggers out there, and every single one is different and has their own unique style. Every day I am inspired.

There will be loads of inspiring bloggers that I’ve missed from this list and I wish I could write about all them, but I have to end it somewhere right?

Are there any bloggers that I’ve missed that I may not be aware of that you look up to? Please share them below!



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