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Is the Relationship You Have With Your Cat Normal?

Do you often find yourself wondering if the treatment you give your cat is the same as other pet owners? Are other cat moms and dads holding full-blown one-sided conversations with their kittens? Are you the only one who sleeps with three cats in your bed every night? If these thoughts often cross your mind, you aren’t alone.

In fact, Joybird was so curious about the average habits of pet owners that they recently conducted a survey to uncover the answers to some of these very questions. See the results below.

Turns out, compared to dog owners, cat parents are much less likely to have their pet sleep on their own bed. Instead, the majority of cat owners sleep with their fluffy feline friends in bed with them. Who can blame them? Cuddling with a pet is one of the greatest ways to feel relaxed, safe, and loved.

If you allow your cat to stroll around the house all day while you’re away at work, you’re in good company. 77% of those surveyed allow their pet free roaming privileges. Only 3% confined their pet to a single room in the house.

We’ve all fallen victim of dropping a bit too much cash on our feline family members. When holidays come around, the pets are often our favorite people to shop for. So, how much are people in your generation spending on their pets month to month? The majority answered “under $50” but those aged 65+ were more likely to spend up to $100 a month.

The fact is, spoiling our sweet cats is fun and it makes not only our pets happy but brightens our day, too! Whether you sleep every night with your cat or you have a kitten who stays outside most of the time, it’s interesting to learn how your regular habits with your pet compare to other owners.

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