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Hi Everyone

On a recent trip away to the San Mateo Maker Faire,  I discovered an amazing project call ISS-Above. The aim of the project is to bring space closer to children in school across America. This got me very excited and I thought how cool it would be to be able to share this kind of experience with our children back home in the UK. So after a long chat with the creator I decided to look into getting one for myself.

They have many options available to help you get started however as I live in the uk I decided to just buy the image as the cost of the whole kit plus postage was going to be a bit to much expense. The Disk image only costs $30 and is delivered by digital download. (Available Here) All I would need when I got home was a raspberry pi computer and screen to display it on. Which if luck would have it I happen to have quite a few kicking around the house.

Setting it up was really easy. Just flash the image to an SD card and just connect the Raspberry Pi to the router by network cable. Insert the Micro SD card and power up. A few setting to correct in a browser and we up and running.

Now we have a little screen that displays live video from space every 10min and it also tells us when the ISS will be passing over head so we can go out in the garden and see it in the evening. I also get updated on what experiments they getting up to. I’m now thinking of talking to Oscars school and seeing if they have heard about it and if not seeing if we can get one setup in the school.


If you like to get your own or want to find out more. please visit

If you like to build your own and just get the image we recommend the following items.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit From Pimoroni £89.99

Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display From Pimoroni £60

SmartiPi Touch Frame From Pimoroni £18

There are other kits available from different suppliers however we’ve never had any issues with the guys from Pimoroni and they’re after sales support is second to none.

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