Sometimes I sit here and I think to myself… imagine what it would like to have my own home; imagine what it would be like to travel; imagine what it would be like to feel free and enjoy the most of what life has to offer.

If I’m not worrying about finding a job, I’m worrying about money. And then I go around in circles from there. I’ve felt embarrassed about my current situation; however I just wanted to feel healthier and happier. I want to be able to explore more and see what more I am capable of. I want to reach higher goals and see different environments. Do you think this makes me a selfish person? I hope not.

I go on holiday in May and I cannot wait to just let go of all the thoughts in my mind and release. I want to feel the sea breeze over my shoulders, paddle through the sea and splash around like a child, and be able to experience the carefree side of me to the full.

Portugal 2016

I am one of those people who feel highly pressured when certain situations arise. Whether it’s trying something new or getting close to gaining a new opportunity. If I don’t make it, I sometimes feel like I’ve failed people or disappointed them because that’s not what they expected.

I prefer when I feel a lot stronger in the way that, when I don’t quite make it, I still know

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