Your first job, your next job (or just ‘a job’), this could be the beginning of something great. For example, I spent college and university as a Sales Assistant. Then I landed a role as an Administrator in a learning support environment. Later, I progresed onto a Marketing Assistant role. And today, I am happy to be a Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer.

Throughout all of this I achieved many experiences throughout the media (television, writing, social media, research) education, and other industries.

Whether you become newly employed in a different workplace to pay the bills or to dream bigger, there are important things you should remember. A lot of us have worked hard to get where we are today.

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Charlotte from recommends:

Although it may seem obvious and somewhat tedious to suggest, our employers are looking for the soft skills that make a candidate a fit for their company. Punctuality, friendliness and an ability to get on with others are more important that many think. It’s certainly not all about qualifications and academics – which is a common misconception we come across.

Additionally, we wrote a piece about this very topic recently on our own blog based on some research that revealed 70% of us are looking to make a strong first impression in our new jobs. And while we love that we’re so keen to please, with this resolve lasting as little as one week for some. Actions such as taking on additional work outside of our remit in order to impress can quickly lead to workplace stress and burnout – which is a huge problem for UK workers.

So our advice when starting a new job is to have the confidence to simply be yourself and know that the “everyday” you is more

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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