Good afternoon my lovelies! :) 

I have decided that once a month I will publish a post which contains some promotions from my affiliates that I believe could be helpful to you. It’s not going to be only safety related because sadly there are extremely few places on the affiliate platforms that actually have this niche.

It’s such a shame because I believe we could have really gotten out some good products that are both safer and also either crash tested or at least approved by manufacturers to use with their car seats. Alas, I can only pick from what I have available!

If you really HATE this idea from me, I’m sorry you feel that way – but I’m actually doing this to also help you find some good offers for you, your family or friends, not just because I get something in return.

The new school year is coming up, people are going on holidays still, you might be hosting a wedding, a party or a sweet 16 – maybe even the big four- o, either way, finding a good deal is not something I would want to miss. So without further adieu!

Here is my list of July Deals I believe you will love! From ‘Build a Bear’ we have:

*Summer sales!  You don’t want to miss it! They are too adorable and they need a friend! :’)

Build a Bear FLASH SALE!CLICK FAST! IT ENDS TOMORROW! Build a Bear SALE!Just click for cuteness! From ‘Kidsroom’ we have:

In celebration of their 17th birthday – Kidsroom is giving out €15 VOUCHER & 5% ANNIVERSARY DISCOUNT on your purchase!
All you have to do is click the little piccy below!

Please always make sure you try any car seat in your vehicle before

Read the full original post here authored by Therese Gilbert. You can visit her blog here.

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