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Keto Icepops Instagram (1)I am so proud of this simple yet versatile recipe.   If you want to make a fresh desert last minute you can whip up the sorbet in minutes or you can use the same recipe and pour it into moulds to make ice lollies for the next day.

We had an ice cream maker years ago that sat in the back of our kitchen cupboard until I eventually gave it to the charity shop.   Then we became keto and I wanted it back!   

I would highly recommend getting an ice cream maker especially if you have children as it’s a great way of demonstrating that if you make food from scratch it can actually taste better and be good for you!

You can play with the sweetness of this recipe and also the choice of berries you use. Let your children come up with their own ideas and flavours. I would recommend using frozen berries though as it makes the whole process a lot quicker which is always a bonus when your kids are asking EVERY 5 MINUTES! “are they frozen yet?”

Varied Serving Difficulty – Easy Time – 10 minutes to make the mixture


250g Frozen Strawberries & Blueberry Mix 300ml Almond Milk 100g Natural Yoghurt we use Onken 2 Tbsp Natvia


Sorbet Instructions – put all your ingredients in a blender and whizz whizz whizz. If you have an ice cream maker transfer to your machine and within 5-10 minutes you will have sorbet ready to eat. Simple . If you don’t have an ice cream machine simply put your mixture in the freezer and stir every 10 minutes until you have the consistency you like.

Ice Lolly Instructions – Blend all your ingredients together and put in Ice Lolly moulds and freeze over night.

Using the quantities above we were able to make 6 Ice Lollies and enough sorbet to keep the kids happy until the Ice lollies were frozen.

sugar free keto ice cream

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