Black Friday Sale Round Up. This Friday marks BLACK FRIDAY!!! Which is where most shops go crazy, with deals! It is in perfect time for payday and Christmas coming up. Just not so perfect for the bank balance! But… It is the time to make others happy, which is kind of equal to your bank account? Anyway whilst i have been looking online for my…

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Intuitive eating|My journey. Body Positive Power Book Hello I thought I would do a post about being plus size and my journey to how I am learning to love myself. I wouldn’t say I know everything about intuitive eating. Which has made me hesitate to write this blog post, but i feel like I now know enough…I’m still on this journey of learning to find peace…

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15 Women’s Christmas Jumpers    This year i thought I would do a post on all my favourite christmas jumpers of 2017. Last year when I went to buy a christmas jumper they all sold out! I don’t love the christmas jumpers, that are overly christmassy lol but out of these jumpers my favourite one is number 5! I never usually get a christmas jumper.…

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Christmas Gift Guide For Her. Hello Everyone Christmas is 7 weeks away not to scare you or anything haha! I have already started to write my list of people I need to buy for this year. Soon as the halloween stuff comes down. I like to start focusing on Christmas. It has always been my favourite time of year, even when I was a moody teenager…

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My new bracelet from Ineffabless|Self-love.   Last week i had an email asking if i would like a bracelet gifted to me, so i looked on there website to see if i liked anything and i loved quite a few things! But this bracelet

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